Marcoola self-storage investment sold: Airport Storage & Parking, Sunshine Coast Qld.

Just completed:

We requested and have just received an independent sales analysis from a specialist self storage valuer for the recent sale of Airport Self Storage at Marcoola.

A copy is available upon application. Call or email to request your copy.


‘Speed dating’ results in sub-normal yield for storage complex

Melbourne, VIC (27 November 2017) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

A stand-alone Sunshine Coast self-storage complex has been sold after a four-week expression-of-interest campaign described as ‘like speed dating’.

National Storage, one of Australia’s largest self-storage operators, bought Airport Storage and Parking, at 7 & 8-10 Runway Drive, Marcoola in December 2017.

‘I sold my first self-storage complex in 1996 and it’s been years since I’ve see this much interest in a complex,’ Mr Stanley-Turner said. ‘We had more than 50 genuine enquiries during the campaign, which came down to around a dozen inspections. It was a bit like speed dating.’

Average yields in self-storage over the last three years have been around 7% and by my calculation, the yield achieved here is well below that, Mr Stanley-Turner said.

‘The depth of interest shows the strength of the self-storage market. There are quite a few disappointed parties out there,’ Mr Stanley-Turner said. ‘If you’re thinking of selling your complex, there’s no better time.’

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