About the properties, we offer for lease.

We Find Tenants To Optimise Or Create Investments.

Even if all the key features of commercial property—including location, build, proximity and access, outgoings, services, and parking—are perfect, they don’t count for much if you don’t have the right tenant.

We have twenty-plus years of experience in finding the right tenants for commercial investments, so we know how to find the best solution for you when you’re looking to lease your property. We understand that every property we market is unique, so we assess every property individually. We have long relationships with highway retailers such as fast food, large format, petrol, convenience, self-storage, hardware and more

  • An Existing Building Currently, Or Soon To Be, Vacant.
    We’ll lease out your building if you own an existing commercial investment and find you the right tenants to maximise the building’s yield and secure your future income. With the right tenants, you’ll achieve the highest and best use of the property. They’ll likely pay the most per square metre, be the most reliable and sign a longer lease.
  • A Development Site, For Development Or Sale With Permits And Lease
    We’ll lease, or pre-lease, your development site if you need pre-commitments from a retailer, or from a dozen retailers, to facilitate a sale or enable development funding. In other words, we can help you create an investment before the building happens. We invite you to look through our catalogue of listings below, or to contact Rob to discuss how we can help lease your commercial investment.

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We’re licensed real estate agents dedicated to helping clients invest in, acquire, sell, or lease commercial property in order to reach their financial goals.