About the freehold properties, we offer for sale

We can sell your freehold commercial investment to the right buyer, for the right price.

The way we do that is this: every commercial building has its own story and we have to figure out what that story is.

What is the highest and best use of the building? What are its strengths and weaknesses? What is going on in the surrounding area? What kinds of businesses or investors are looking for a building like this one? What kind of buyer would place the highest value on the building: a business, an investor, or perhaps a syndicate? What kind of purchaser would best suit it?

And don’t forget: what is the best strategy for finding the best buyer? (More information on our sales campaigns is here.)

Then, once the client has agreed with our strategy, we find the right buyer. It sounds simple when I type it like that. It’s not. It begins with professional financial documents, marketing materials and an advertising strategy. We work with extensive databases accumulated during more-than-twenty years of experience, and the personal connections we’ve developed over a lifetime. The field of buyers starts broad, then narrows. When it comes to the pointy end of an auction, off-market sale or putting together a syndicate, we use all of our negotiation skills to bring about the best possible result.

We invite you to look through our catalogue of listings below, or to contact Rob to discuss how we can help sell your commercial investment

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