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Squeezing every drop: how responding to Box Commercial’s ‘property wanted for acquisition’ listings can make the most of your commercial investment.

There are many great reasons for selling or leasing your property off-market in response to an acquisition listing. For a start, expensive marketing campaigns aren’t required, saving the property owner thousands of dollars. An off-market sale or lease is also usually faster than hunting out the perfect buyer or tenant and, with no advertising or board and fewer inspections, it’s easier to keep confidential.

Frequently, though, an off-market sale or lease provides an owner with a way to maximise the value of their property by squeezing every little drop of utility from a site or building.

Here are some examples:

  • Realising equity while retaining tenancy and control of the property
    When business owners respond to a ‘looking to acquire’ listing from a buyer, the sale negotiations can be extremely flexible around lease terms and options. This is especially suitable for businesses that are difficult to relocate, like a sporting club with associated fields, grounds or courts, or manufacturing businesses with substantial equipment and specific building requirements. Some of the commercial terms that can be negotiated include long leases with multiple options, retaining some ownership of the property, and staged sell-downs. Releasing equity in this way can be a terrific alternative to bank financing, enabling the vendor to facilitate expansion plans or take advantage of commercial opportunities. Box Commercial is currently looking for these kinds of assets, including hospitality assets like pubs and clubs, for a prominent client. For more information, contact us or see the listings below.
  • Utilising unused space on an existing commercial site
    Sometimes the back or side of a site also has main-road frontage, which can be developed to suit the requirements of a purchaser or tenant. This property (photo below) in Milton, Qld, is an example of a quick-service restaurant (McDonalds) added to the front of a Self-Storage complex, with minimal effect to the visibility—but with great upside in additional rental income and improved capital value. Service stations are also great for this because their awning design doesn’t obstruct the signage of the original building.Box Commercial is currently looking to acquire sites for major international quick-service restaurants and service stations. For more information, contact us or see the listings below.

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