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Estate Agent to Self-Storage Industry.

Box Commercial – Estate Agent to Self-Storage Industry. Box Commercial is a boutique real estate agency based in Melbourne. Our primary purpose is to offer for sale selected Australian income-producing investment property for the purposes of generating income.

We facilitate access to investment property for our investors through a syndicated ownership structure or alternatively selected stand-alone freehold investments.

Our purpose is to offer investments which we believe will deliver income reliability and negate as much risk as possible.

Over the years we have been particularly keen on offering operating Self-storage facilities. With these investments, we especially like how rental income is generated across multiple rent payers, ie. the Storers. In this way we consider them to be a compelling investment. This is only the beginning though.

Robert Stanley-Turner, principle of Box Commercial and sole director, sold his first self-storage property, (East Coast Self-Storage) in Southport in 1996.

Over the next 2 decades he has sold numerous self-storage complexes and witnessed the industry evolve from a cottage industry into the billion-dollar industry it is today.

Our other area of interest is the syndicated ownership of investments. Syndications can deliver compelling investment benefits in otherways. Sharing risk and investing objectives with other investors with a reduced and flexible upfront investment is only the beginning of advantages that syndicated investments deliver to individual investors.

Even before the acquisition of the new property investment is made, the combined financial resources of multiple investors gives each individual investor greater financial power than they have if they acted solely.

And this is also what we do. Our “investor-grouping” services introduces multiple investors to one another for the purposes of acquisition. The buying structure is established as a syndicate.

On our website you will find a list of all investments which have been acquired for investments and news of any new acquisitions of investment property for the purposes of syndication.

Let’s chat investment!

We’re always delighted to speak to anybody interested in participating in the buying or selling of investment property and encourage you to call at anytime for further discussion
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Robert Stanley-Turner

Real Estate Agent
E: P: 0418 982 000

Rob has loved doing deals since he was 12 years old and sold his go-kart to Peter Davis for ten bucks and a Superman comic. He’s been a licensed real estate agent for more than twenty years and he’s sold and leased development sites, shopping centres, self-storage complexes, large format retail stores and convenience centres all over Australia. He’s worked for companies like Jones Lang LaSalle, DTZ International, and Spotlight Stores but these days, he works for Box Commercial as director & principle .

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